About Us

Pixelyard specializes in the development of innovative instructional solutions and curriculum for trades and technical training organizations.

Pixelyard has blended sound instructional design practices with advanced 3D, simulation, multimedia and network-based learning technologies to create powerful training applications that empower instructors, engage students and elevate the quality and effectiveness of hands-on technical training programs.

The Pixelyard team of instructional designers, modelers and developers focus exclusively on trades and technical training. We provide our clients with a unique combination of experience with technical subject matter, a solid understanding of the challenges and issues that face training organizations today, and the technical skills to consistently deliver training solutions that exceed our client’s expectations. Combining our experience with our commitment to solid project management and quality control procedures ensures that our clients receive the absolute maximum value possible for their training investments.

At Pixelyard, we have always been focused on the development and delivery of innovative, affordable and effective technology-based training solutions. We are ready to put our knowledge and experience to work to enhance and transform the delivery of practical training and testing in your organization.

For more information about Pixelyard’s products and services, please email us at info@pixelyard

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