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Shifting demographics, changing economies and the constant need to increase competitiveness are placing new challenges in front of organizations that rely on skilled trades and technical occupations for their success. At Pixelyard we help organizations meet those challenges with new, more effective ways to train their trades and technical workers, making better use of training resources, and improving the quality, effectiveness and reach of the training they offer.

Pixelyard builds innovative hands-on training applications that employ high-fidelity 3D models and simulations to create ‘virtual’ tools and equipment that can be used by instructors to teach, and by students to learn and practice, the hands-on procedures and methods at the core of their training.

We work closely with each client to establish a clear understanding of the knowledge, tasks, equipment and processes associated with each training program. We blend sound instructional design practices with advanced 3D and network-based learning technologies to create powerful training applications that empower instructors with advanced teaching tools, engage students and elevate the quality and effectiveness of hands-on technical training programs.

In addition to the many instructional benefits that Pixelyard’s interactive 3D training solutions provide, they also improve the efficiency of training delivery. Better learning tools can reduce the time needed to cover the same material, leaving more time for other learning activities. Further, travel time and costs for both students and instructors can be reduced and, by using models and simulations, costs associated with buying, storing and maintaining equipment for training can be significantly lowered or eliminated.

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We specialize in the development of customized curriculum that our clients can implement to create new programs, or to supplement or replace existing training resources. Soon we will be announcing the availability of a number of trades-specific curriculum products that can be licensed by organizations for their own use.

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