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Pixelyard has extensive experience and expertise in the development of high-quality, high-impact online training and educational products. These self-paced learning tools typically include content, delivered by an instructor through streamed video, synchronized with supporting text, graphics, animations and live action video sequences. What sets Pixelyard self-paced learning apart, however, is our ability to integrate interactive 3D models and simulations into the courseware to enable online learners to carry out ‘hands-on’ activities, such as equipment operation and maintenance procedures, as part of their online training.

Two examples of our approach to the development of these enhanced multimedia courseware products are provided below.

Basic Safety Training – Recurrent (BSTR)

This eight hour online course was developed for offshore oil rig workers who must regularly re-train in basic safety measures every three years in order to work on the rigs. Workers must complete the online portion of the course before attending a one-day practical training. Before BSTR was available online, workers would be in class for two days.

H2S Training

Every oil and gas field worker in Canada must have some level of training in the recognition of, and response to, situations in which they may be exposed to deadly hydrogen sulfide gas.

Pixelyard has partnered with Survival Systems Training Limited to develop two such courses for online delivery - H2S Awareness and H2S Recognition. H2S Awareness is a one-hour online course that provides workers in designated ‘clean’ sites (no H2S) with the basic knowledge about H2S dangers and responses. H2S Recognition is a 5-hour online course that provides detailed information on H2S, and how to use the safety equipments available to workers. Training is delivered through streamed video, audio, text and interactive 3D models of equipment used in the field.


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