Instructor Aids

Pixelyard develops interactive 3D presentations as instructor aids for use in classroom environments to illustrate maintenance and operation procedures for equipment and machinery that may be difficult to access for training purposes.

Instructors Aids are can also be used as an effective training tool in front of the classroom where it is not practical to bring the equipment to the front of the classroom for demonstration purposes. A good example of this is the main landing gear of an aircraft. Pixelyard developed an instructor’s aid to provide a components tutorial, theory of operation, removal and installation and a functioning landing gear animation (extension/retraction) which allowed the instructor to cover the complete system in the classroom before any hands on work begins.

Pixelyard instructor aids can be used on classroom-based PC workstations or projected on SmartBoards™ within the classroom using a number of unique controls we have developed for the presentation and manipulation of models in the SmartBoard™ environment.

Benefits using Pixelyard’s Instructors Aids

Our 3D presentations also enable instructors to illustrate specific procedures for disassembly, handling and re-assembly of components, in the classroom environment. With the experience gained from working with the instructor aids, students may need to spend less time with the live equipment, leading to reduced demands on training equipment and reduced training time, both of which significantly impact on training costs.

Main Landing Gear (CP-140 – Aurora)

CFB Greenwood engaged Pixelyard to develop an interactive 3D instructors training aid to support maintenance technician training for the main landing gear of the CP-140 aircraft.


Gyroscope Maintenance and Repair

Under contract to the Canadian Coast Guard College, Pixelyard developed a 3D model of a navigational gyroscope used in Coast Guard vessels. The 3D gyroscope model could be virtually assembled and disassembled by trainees prior to working with the real thing.

3D Knots

Pixelyard was contracted by the Canadian Coast Guard College to develop an instructional tool to help students learn how to tie a variety of knots. Using animated 3D models a computer-based training application, delivered on CD, was developed illustrating how 47 different knots are tied. A commercial version of the CD is now available for sale from Pixelyard. Contact us for more details!


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