Mentor3D™ is Pixelyard’s flagship training delivery platform. It represents a new way to teach technical training programs, and a better way for students to learn the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Launched in 2015, Mentor3D™ is already proving to be a powerful teaching tool for a number of skilled trades training programs, including carpentry, power engineering and HVAC-R, to name a few.

A new way to teach

For instructors Mentor3D™ offers a new, innovative approach to teaching practical, hands-on skills and knowledge that spans the entire teaching spectrum – from basic concepts to performance of hands-on procedures.

High-quality 3D training assets form the core of engaging lessons on components familiarization, theory of operation instruction and procedures. These same 3D assets then become the tools that instructors use to guide students, step-by-step, in the performance of the hands-on procedures, methods and techniques they must learn.

Most importantly, Mentor3D™ provides instructors with the unique ability to continuously monitor the progress of their students as they proceed through course content, complete interactive exercises and perform hands-on procedures using 3D models and simulations. Instructors can quickly pinpoint specific concepts, facts or techniques that students do not understand and can address those difficulties immediately, both at the class level, and at the individual level. With the information Mentor3D™ provides, instructors are better able to apply their own knowledge and experience to guide, or mentor, students through their training.

Mentor3D™ enables instructors to ensure that all of the building blocks in a training program are put in place at the right time, and that students are not left with gaps that will undermine their ability to successfully complete their training.

a better way to learn!

For students, Mentor3D™ provides a rich, interactive learning environment where they can access virtual machinery, equipment, tools and materials to learn theory and concepts, understand and practice hands-on procedures and methods they need to know, and demonstrate their competence and readiness to apply their learning in the lab, workshop or on the job.


A smart way to operate

Mentor3D™ learning solutions help organizations respond to today’s workforce training challenges with advanced tools and approaches that maximize returns on training investments and create competitive advantage by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of training, and by streamlining training expenses.

The use of 3D models and simulations can help reduce the need for physical assets for training, creating savings in both capital and operating costs. The Mentor3D™ approach also helps organizations engage distant students easily and effectively, enabling them to participate more fully in training programs while significantly lowering associated travel and lost production time costs.

Please contact us to explore how Mentor3D™ can transform technical skills and trades training programs in your organization!

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