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Interactive 3D models and simulations are powerful training tools in both classroom and online delivery formats. They can be equally powerful in transforming the ways in which organizations can provide real-time support to technicians and other maintenance personnel to ensure that proper procedures are followed. At Pixelyard we have the knowledge and resources to help organizations dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their product support tools.

3D Technical Manuals

Starting from existing technical documentation, Pixelyard works with clients and subject matter experts to create animated 3D simulations of equipment and machinery that are programmed to clearly illustrate and describe the correct maintenance procedures contained in the manuals. If required, the animations can also be linked with other important information, such as safety considerations and the tools required to perform the procedure, ensuring the technician is fully prepared and can work efficiently, safely and quickly.  

Live Online 3D Service Support

Many organizations operate service support centres where technicians and/or customers can call for assistance in conducting repair and maintenance on complex equipment and machinery. Building on Pixelyard’s Mentor3D™ delivery technology, support centre staff can be provided with access to interactive 3D simulations of equipment models, and can share those simulations over the Internet with callers seeking assistance. Callers can use the models to clearly indicate areas or components about which they have questions, and support centre staff can use the simulations to illustrate their responses and demonstrate procedures. By employing interactive 3D simulations, service technicians and other users can receive ‘just in time’ learning delivered by trained and knowledgeable support personnel .


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