Operators in today’s manufacturing and processing facilities, whether large or small, are critical to the efficient use of economic assets such as equipment, machinery, raw materials and human resources. The decisions they make affect not only profit and loss – in many cases they can also impact the health and safety of employees, surrounding communities and the environment.

Effective training of operators is critical, and one of the most effective methods for training operators is through simulation. Pixelyard can help organizations provide high-quality simulation training at an affordable cost with our siriusSIMULATION platform.

Equipment/Systems Simulation

siriusSIMULATION leverages Pixelyard’s Mentor3D™ training delivery platform to provide organizations that may not have the resources to acquire large, hardware-based simulators, to still provide high-quality simulation-based training for their personnel.

siriusSIMULATION is a cost-effective software-based training and simulation application that can realistically replicate both the appearance and the function of complex, control room panels and equipment, placing the operator/trainee at the centre of a simulated control room or command centre that may include multiple control panels that the trainee must use to manage the situations presented.

Touch screen displays can replicate the panel controls and meters that display operating conditions. An instructor can alter the operating conditions to create scenarios that trainees must respond to using the touch screen control panel simulators.

In addition to the control panels themselves, siriusSimulations can also include interactive 3D models of the equipment or machinery that is being affected by a trainee’s actions. For example, if changing a control panel setting causes a control valve to open or close, a model of the valve can be displayed, illustrating how the valve works, through a cutaway view, in response to the operator actions. Linking control room actions to the actual plant facility reinforces the trainee’s understanding of how all components operate, which in turn can promote better operating decisions.

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